Saturday, March 15, 2008

VMK Cheat Codes one-time per character

These codes can be used by multiple players, one-time per character:

QNEL NTBW KLDU GB2C - 500 credits - June 2005 Disney Adventure
WBRK LBAG KQNL B9N9 - 500 credits - Disney Adventure summer ed (LeanaSpin)
62RH TFR5 773V AEYM - 100 credits - Via email from Disney (disneyange)
4JVU-7BJ3-BK69-EEDQ - 100 credits - DVC Vacation Magic (GBShorts)
A8TM-5VAM-FTNB-EYXE - 50 credits - Florida residents newsletter (Maltoo)
GQYM-EBVX-FAEG-QHH6- 50 credits - In Park map code (Maltoo)
4CJ4-2XVH-RLLB-W3N3 - 50 credits - Disney Remix Mania CD code (Fairy Dust)
VTSL-8CXS-GDMJ-BB3P - 50 credits - ? (annonamouse)
PF7R-UXBE-MZG8-5LSV - 50 credits - April 2006 Disney Adventure (Adventurejimbob)
3WCE-4VRW-CDB7-MDEQ- 500 credits(reduced to 100 credits)- July 31,2006 DisAeryn and ElectricLime

Read vmk codes guide if you forget how to enter them.

VMK Code video

Here is small video showing some vmk codes:

How enter VMK Codes

The procedure is quite simple. Enter Virtual Magic Kingdom world and do following steps to enter codes:
- click the chair button on the bottom left of the screen
- select the 'Codes' tab
- then enter the code (4 characters per window), and hit OK
- a window should pop up telling you what you received